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City Tours

TOURS PRICE: $ 0/pax

 City tour

       1. Crazy house                                              2. Paradise lake                                      

3. Buddhist Meditation Monastery              4. Datanla Waterfall                                           

5. Old Railway station                                 6. Valley of love

7. Vegetable Farm                                       8. Coffee Plantation

9. King Bao Dai Summer Palace              10.Robin Hill-Cable Car(pay in extra)                                 

  including:          English speaking guides,motorbikes, cars or bicycles

By Motorbikes: $30/pax.      By Privated Car:$38/pax.        By bicycles: $45/pax.


Optional Tours: please give us your option we will make you happy:

1).Bao Dai’s summer palace,2).Robin hill-Cable car,3).TrucLam Zen Meditation Monastery,4).Datanla waterfall,5).Prenn waterfall,

6).Old railway station,7).Crazy house,8).Valley of love,9).XQ Dalat historical village, 10).Flower park, 11).Golden valley, 12).Langbian mountain&Lat minority village, 13).Cellar area of clay, 14). Dragon pagoda, 15).Ponguor waterfall,16).Culan tourist site,

17).Linh An pagoda&Happy Buhda, 18).Coffee plantation&Weasel coffee farm,

19).Strawberry farm, 20).Dalat Catheral Church, 21)TuyenLam lake,22).Elephant&Ostrich riding.

TOURS PRICE: $ 0/pax