White Water Rafting

Viet nam has some of the most beautiful sceneries in the world with the water path: streams, rivers and lakes .. If you’d like to do the white water rafting adventure in Vietnam, This adventure is a must if you are ever in Dalat, what an adventure it was incredible. The best time to do white water rafting adventure from May until December.

Kayaking in Dalat of Vietnam

Tuyen Lam Lake, 6 km to the South of Dalat, has the water surface of 350 ha. It was created by Tia stream - head water of Da Tam River. No one knows when and why it was called Tuyen Lam, but maybe because of the grandiose nature around it stream and forest were close to each other. Tuyen stands for stream, Lam stands for forest. Tuyen Lam is a place for water and tree meeting each other